January Market Day 1

Greetings for Hotlanta, and it is in fact hot compared to a Montana January (Cheri wore sandals),

We had an exciting first day at market, meeting with vendors and the national sales reps, checking out new spring product in REAL life, and scouting for new lines to bring home to you. Drum roll please…….

#1 We scored a NEW LINE, Canoe. https://canoelook.com/ The owner, Lynn is sweet as can be, she employs 14 people in a small Georgia town, and they make everything in the USA. I love promoting American made businesses, keeping it local is a passion. Not to mention their bags and jewelry are to die for. Scrumptious leathers, that are ultra trendy, and timeless all at the same time. You can feel the quality. We’ll have samples at Billings Market for you!

  • $600 opening order for bags, $250 reorder
  • $350 opening order for jewelry, $250 reorder
  • 1 week ship time and everything is made to order, how do they do this!?
  • $20 shipping
  • USA made 🙂

#2 Park Designs and Split P have rolled out the red carpet for Lodge and Montana inspired themes this year. The designers killed it, and now you are going to as well.

#3 For you reality TV fans, Cynthia Bailey was spotted sitting behind us at the hotel bar.

It’s only the end of Day 1 and we are super jazzed about all the great things we get to share with you for Spring/Summer 2018 in Montana!